Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The Bean and Me Book Club

The Bean and Me Book Club is a joint effort of my granddaughter and I to read the same books and review them.  Obviously these are youth books but don’t mistake that for being childish or simplistic.  Some of the books Bean brings to the table are really good and very engaging for an adult as well.

Right now I am reading “Wish” on her recommendation.  It is about Charlie, a girl who has been shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle because her mom is severely depressed and can’t get out of bed and her dad is in jail.  She doesn’t fit in very well in her school and she has a chip on her shoulder as big as the county.  She has become obsessed with rescuing and caring for a stray dog that has been lurking about trying to get her attention.  Her uncle and her friend Howard, who walks up down (limps) are going to help her.

That is my stopping point.  I am hoping that today they figure out where the dog goes when he is hiding out!  So far it is a good story although some of the circumstances are a little adult but certainly not unrealistic.  Bean handled it well and didn’t get bogged down in the sad parts.  She won’t tell me what happens so I guess I am going to have to finish soon so I can find out for myself.

I will let you know!


I read some really lovely blogs.  I love visiting with my blog friends every day and seeing what is going on in their lives.  I love seeing all the photos as well.  It makes me think about my own blog and not in a very good way.

I enjoy playing with the layouts and color combos.  I get a kick out of different fonts. However what doesn’t seem to be as good as it should be is the content.  That is sort of a big deal because that is why people visit blogs.  So I am thinking about being a bit more organized about my writing.  I am thinking about assigning a topic for each day of the week.  For example, Monday could be The Trixie Chronicles, Tuesday could be the Bean and Me Book Club, Wednesday could be about cardmaking, Thursday could be about faith (that should actually be first), Friday could be about cooking or fashion or something.  Anyway, you get the picture.  So, since yesterday I introduced The Trixie Chronicles, I think today will be about the Bean and Me Book Club.

I have always thought blogs should be sort of random but that makes it difficult sometimes when there is no direction.  I really enjoy blogging because it gives me a venue to write.  My goal in life was to be a writer and, of course, that didn’t happen but I still like to put my thoughts down on paper. Sometimes it is a great way to clear your mind.

So, I am hoping to be a better blogger with a plan.  We will see how it goes.

And here are some photos for you — my fairy gardens in pots