Friday, July 12, 2019

Diolch (Gratitude in Welsh)

I was never so aware of feelings of gratitude as I was after I got sick.  Getting sick can be very
humbling.  You need help and when you get it the feeling of gratitude is almost unbearably overwhelming.  This all happened quite a long time ago but I still have a heightened awareness of the feeling of gratitude.

Every morning, without fail, I am grateful for another day.

Then each day has its own opportunity to feel grateful.  It might be small or it might be big but it is always there.

Today I am grateful that my kids got across the great pond without issue and that the Bean is spending some time  with her other grandparents.  They have a number of neat things planned to do so they should have a good time.

This sounds silly, but I am grateful that Trixie seems to be catching on to going outside.  That is one of the little things.

And I am grateful that the Mister is doing so much better since his episodes in March and April.

All that and it is just 7 am.  I am so blessed.