Tuesday, September 24, 2019


I feel I must apologize for not being here.  It isn’t that I don’t want to be but there has been a lot going on lately and I am not really doing anything of importance or interest to write about. Even my reading has hit a lull and my crafting has ceased altogether.

As .you know my husband had a couple of diabetes related issues back in the spring.  Well since then we have been to a specialist and seen a diabetes counselor about his diet and I have to say it is all going very well.  His blood sugar is staying quite normal and his doctor visit this week was stellar.   It isn’t a bad eating plan and we are living very normally now although I never thought I would see the day when he would eat yogurt and oatmeal but here we are.

We sold our former home recently which is a big relief.  I loved the house but it was a bit smaller than we needed and the distance from the kids was taking a toll on our energy and our gas bill. So now that we have completed the sale we are embarking on some much needed projects here in our current home. The Hubs has painted over half the interior, we have changed out a number of light fixtures and we have ordered shutters for the windows. We are painting the interior the same color as the old house which is called Wise Owl.  The trim will be white to match the shutters. It is going to be lovely!

I will share photos when the shutters arrive and all the clutter is cleared away.  It won’t be long.

So just letting you know I am still kicking but more than a little tired,