Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Earlier today I opened my email and found an invitation to join a group called Americymru -- a group primarily for people with Welsh ancestors. Since my great-grandparents immigrated at the turn of the 20th century from Wales, I decided that I qualify for this group and decided to join.

These same great grandparents are the people responsible for my interest in genealogy. My family always had a strong interest in family history so I grew up with the concept but I was always particularly fascinated with my Welsh family. I was close to my grandfather but he never talked of his home in Pennsylvania very much -- just snippets -- so, of course, by the time I decided to embark on my search of family, my grandfather was no longer with us to help. However, I did have some help along the way and I did find out a lot of information but, more importantly, I found family.

My great grandparents came from Blaina to Pennsylvania and remained there the rest of their lives. While they didn't leave much of a paper trail for me to search I did get lucky and find a cousin, Jim Slater. He has been very helpful over the years by sending me pics and asking his dear little mother, Jean, for information for me -- without him I wouldn't have been as successful. I also wouldn't have the most wonderful Welsh cookie recipe on the planet -- thanks Jean!

On my quest, I made a good friend, Len Clark of Blaina, and found a cousin, Michael Webb, living in Coventry. Both of these gentlemen have been very helpful and have really given me a link to my "homeland". One day I hope to meet them both.

So, I am looking forward to the Americymru group -- who knows, I might even find more cousins!


Since I have discovered the blogsphere, I find I am reading other people's blogs more than writing my own. There is a reason for that -- they are much more interesting than I am. I gravitate toward the blogs on stitchery, quilting, reading and genealogy -- all interests of mine. I admire all the photos that are up of the work that people do and wish I could be as crafty.

So, as a result of having a very boring blog, I have picked up the pace with my quilting and stitchery and reading and genealogy. I have a couple of WIP's that I can't show right now because they are SURPRISES but I do have a few pitiful pics of past projects that I could put up so here is one of them.

I became quite interested in ATC's a while back and bought a lovely little quilted number which I prize. I decided that I could make my own little mini crazy quilt, too and did and then sold it on Ebay. However I did keep a picture of it that I am including here. I only make one of these little things as I prefer to make bigger quilts so this is a one and only!