Monday, July 14, 2008

Tinklepaw Tot

Monique has Cheese. JLSHall has Kayla. I was feeling lonely and left out so I went on a quest to find a companion for myself -- one that be slipped into a purse or bag and doesn't require prescription pet food from the vet.

I visited several places looking at Lil Kinz. Then I looked at Beanie Babies. They were all cute but none were "speaking" to me, drawing me in.

Then, on Friday while shopping at Central Market, I heard a voice -- a small voice which came from a wooden shelf near the cosmetics area. There, on the bottom shelf was a little Jellycat sheep. He didn't have a name, the tag just said "Sheep tot, please take care of me". Well, how could I pass that up -- no name and a pleading note? I mean, really, ME, the nuturing freak of the world. So, I checked his "pursability" and didn't get arrested for shoplifting so into the basket he went. I think the check out boy thought I was crazy as he set my newly purchased buddy on the check writing stand and grinned at me as only a twenty-something male with Fabio hair can do. I felt old and crazy but was happy with my decision to adopt this diminutive sheep.

A name. What is in a name? Well, everything. Our identity. This little sheep had no identity except that he is part of the Jellycat family and he hails from the UK. That is a good thing since all my ancestors do too -- he will fit in nicely. So, the first thing that I thought of what the name my father gave my fledgling craft company -- Tinklepaw -- and since he is a "Tot" I have named him Tinklepaw Tot.

So, here is my new family member~