Monday, January 05, 2009

RYOB Challenge -2009

Today I stumbled upon a reading challenge that is very suited to me. I am already involved in the TBR challenge which is similar but, since I have two blogs I thought two blogs would be acceptable -- more than that is overwhelming to me. So, I signed up for the RYOB challenge and, since overlaps are acceptable, my first book will be "Our Kind" by Kate Walbert. I figure if I post on TWO blogs that I will be reading it, maybe I will feel compelled to finish it -- we will see. My goal will be 12 books for the year. I know, that sounds like a meager amount and hopefully I will do better but, realistically, I would rather keep the number low and add to it as I go. It could go much higher as I seem to get roped into reading children's books a lot as I am buying and collecting for my grandkids and like to see what it out there for them.

At any rate, since I have been neglecting my blogspot blog for a while and don't really want to abandon it, I think I will use it for the RYOB Challenge. If you want to know what I am reading and what I think about it, you will want to check here. The TBR challenge will be on my other blog:

Happy reading!