Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Brinkley Landscape Adventure

We have always been DIYers. Always. ALWAYS. However, due to the heat, time constraints and loss of upper body strength AW and I have decided to have some "work" done on the back yard. We live in a garden home but our lawn area is bigger than in our old house -- not much of a "garden". When we moved here it was fine because the area beyond our fence was a vacant field with much over growth. Well, the powers that be came and cut down the over growth and erected a "sales office" for the eventually-to-be-built condo for those over 62. In the process, we lost the feeling of being in a cozy, wooded area and immediately felt like we were thrust into a commercial, industrial sort of area with the promise of the condo's dumpster being placed at our back fence. This did not bode well with AW. So, we decided to do some "work" -- plastic surgery so to speak.

This is a photo of our little yard before the massacre -- uh, work, commenced this morning. I will post more photos as it progresses. I guess it is a little late for second thoughts but....

Week 337

sister: brother
talks: listens
electric: company
corner: store
turnstile: line
young: old
horrific: scary
block: stop
wind: blow

I didn't participate this week because I am still reading The Shroud of the Thwacker -- I would already be done if it wasn't for Animal Crossing -- I can see the problem with video games and kids -- really.

July 15th

Starting a little late this week -- blame it on the landscapers!

Outside my window -- still dark, work up way too early and will require nap

I am thinking -- how much I get done early in the morning but would rather be sleeping

I am thankful for -- today, good health for my family, my grandkids, my church, the fact that the landscapers are actually going to do something visible today.

From the kitchen -- I am thankful for Bethenny Frankel -- she makes sense -- well, except for all the wine

I am wearing --- you really don't want to know -- after all, it is just 6 a.m.

I am reading -- what I have been reading for MONTHS -- The Shroud of the Thwacker

I am hoping -- to get more done today but will probably spend the day looking out into the backyard

I am creating --- absolutely nothing at the moment!

I am praying -- incessantly but right now for the health and safety of my family, for David, Diane, Gerald and Dorothy to have a fun safe vacation, for Margaret, for Mundee and her uncle.

Around the house -- what can I say -- landscaping

One of my favorite things -- sleeping late -- do you see a pattern here?

A few plans for the rest of the week -- try to work a haircut in somewhere down the line

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you