Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Garden

Here is our completed landscaping project. Our thanks to Jathan of Glennscape for hauling large trees, dealing with rain and constant changes from us.
Fairy Doors --

This is coming to my house soon! I can't wait. I have a perfect place in the new flower bed for it and it is going to be very cute!

It is from I have been doing some looking at fairy gardens on the internet and, while I don't think I am up for creating an entire village, I have always wanted a door (introduced to me by my Aunt Velma). So, this one has been ordered and will be here eventually -- hopefully in time for fall because we don't want the pixies to get cold!
Was it Me or my Grandmother?

I am aging. I know this from the obvious signs -- greying hair, wrinkles, an approaching milestone birthday, suddenly sort of liking the color purple which I always, ALWAYS assigned to "old ladies". I did not, however, think I had an old attitude. If I don't look in the mirror, I feel 19. I still remember the words to the songs of my youth, I have a get up and go approach to life and I keep up with the here and now. So, I was shocked last evening when I saw what I saw and when I thought what I thought and suddenly my age closed in on me and I felt old.

AW and I were feasting on soup at one of our usual haunts and, being seated close to the door, we got a good look at all the patrons as they entered the eatery. As I was sipping my soup I glanced to the side and saw some black flats with rather wide grosgrain ribbon attached at the back and lacing around the wearers ankle to be tied in a large black bow. This wasn't a child's foot so I had to look up to see what was north of these outrageous bows. What I saw was a 40-something woman dressed in -- her slip! It was a pink number that was either faded or tie dyed -- not sure which. Under this little number she wore black undergarments and tied around her waist was a floral, floaty apron-like affair that tied in the back (with a large bow, I might add) and came to an assymetrical point to one side of the front. It only covered the front of this get-up, not covering her entire body so from the back she was dressed -- in her slip.

I was shocked. Of course, I had read about women wearing lingerie as outerwear, mostly in the evening and mostly black or white. I never thought I would see someone parading around at the usual dinner time in a family restaurant dressed in this manner. I was disgusted. This woman looked intelligent, carried a status bag and had a trendy hairstyle. I am certain she had something in her closet to wear that would have been more appropriate.

Then I thought about my reaction --- it was certainly not one of hippness, trendiness, or acceptance. It was an old woman's response -- I could see Grandmother Madge sitting there passing judgment on this woman and I realize then that my age was showing and I was equally appalled by THAT.

So, in the world of fashion I would have to say "to each his own" but I would be remiss if I didn't say it was the most laughable thing I had seen in a long time and an enlightening moment to myself -- fight the aging a little harder because it is creeping up faster that I realize.