Monday, December 20, 2010

Fa----la---la!  Bah humbug all gone!

With the cedar pollen blowing up my nose and me putting everything off until the last minute, I have been pretty bah - humbuggy.  Until today.  For some reason it seemed like Christmas today.  As I walked through Dillards and looked at all the pretty holiday tableware I was suddenly transported back to my childhood.  The store was quite decorated, it was full of people, the candy area reminded me of Joske's for some reason and all of a sudden, my blahs were gone.  It was also 80 degrees, almost, which is more like the Christmas's I grew up with in South Texas.

I just about got everything finished so the hubs and I went shopping for ourselves tonight. Long gone are the days of sneaking around, wrapping presents and hiding things -- we now go for practical things and we don't see much reason to waste all that wrapping paper.  So, today was our day. 

The hubs did his shopping at Woodcraft where he bought a couple of hand tools for woodworking.  I had ordered him a pocket knife that he wanted but it is on back order so he won't be getting it for a little while but that was ok.

My shopping was done at William--Sonoma where I bagged these--

The color, Ocean, is really pretty and I just love Le Creuset so I am happy!
So, Merry Christmas, everybody and I am going to go  cook something!


jlshall said...

Oooh, I love that color. I need that big pot, too. But I'm trying not to accumulate too many more kitchen thingies before I have to pack everything up and move it out.

Yeah, I know what you mean about Christmas weather. Somehow, it just doesn't seem like Christmas unless it's hot and humid and somebody's yelling at me to close the front door and stop letting all the cool air out!

jlshall said...

Oh, and speaking of Christmas, we got your package (thanks very much!), and I'm already hard at work on the puzzle.