Saturday, January 02, 2010

Off to a Good Start

As I said in a previous post -- I don't believe in resolutions for the New Year. I did do some soul searching, however, and realized that I don't use my time well. There are things I love to do but I procrastinate terribly -- that translates into watches too much television. So, I decided to make a concerted effort -- within my perameter of living one day at a time -- to do more of the things I love to do and quit worrying about the things I don't -- that translates into worry about housework.

One of the things I love is quilting. I have two projects going but can't show you here because they are a secret! I will show you photos eventually, just not now.

Another thing I love is cross stitch. Four or five years ago I bought some patterns by Terrance Nolan. The names of the patterns are "Fuji" and "Haiku" and they are the most beautiful birds I have ever seen -- they work up very nicely as I saw the models. I did start these once but was using 16 ct. even weave and, after about 20 stitches, I realized that is just too small for these eyes so I bought 14 ct. aida and intend to start over. Since I hadn't gotten very far I don't feel bad about it. I will be doing the work without a hoop as I am finding that my fingers don't do well while clutching things for long periods of time -- like the remote control or the Wii controller.

I will begin with "Fuji" as seen below. He is really a gorgeous little guy and I will post photos as I progress. I don't think this will be a quick finish.

When I get done with "Fuji" I will start on "Haiku". I am sorry the photo is so small but it is just as lovely. Actually, the patterns don't look too difficult, lots of colors, and some specialty threads -- I am looking forward to it.

Another thing I am trying to do more of is read. I was always an avid reader and have somehow let the pasttime slide. However, mid-month I am getting my Christmas present -- a Nook, the e-reader introduced by Barnes and Noble. I can hardly wait and have already purchased a cover for it that looks like this--

Another thing I am going to try to do more of is cook. It is difficult with an overweight me and a diabetic husband who doesn't like leftovers but I am trying. So, with that said, I am off to bake a cake for lunch tomorrow. I hope it freezes well since neither one of us are supposed to be eating it!! Maybe I will post a pic of it --