Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Melissa's Thoughts for the Week

I like doing memes so I decided to take a cue from my daughter ( and make up my own.  Each week she posts a list of her thoughts for the week.  It is great so I thought I would try it myself although I am sure her thoughts are much more profound than mine will be! So, here goes --

Melissa's Thoughts for the Week

It is hotter in North Texas than South Texas -- who knew?

I raised two really good kids and am so proud of them.

Loved seeing all three of my grandkiddos together -- wonderful group

Was dreading DH's looming retirement but, on further review, maybe not.

Is still not complaining about the dreadful weather but......

Is realizing she is never going to be thin again

Is accepting that she is ALWAYS going to fall asleep at 9 pm whether she is laying down or not

I realizing that her love/hate relationship with her Nook is definitely leaning more to the "hate" side of things.

And finally -- wonders when she is ever going to stop trying to get organized -- shouldn't I, at my advanced age, have already done that?