Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lovely Christmas Things

I will admit, I have a weak spot for Christmas ornaments.  I still put baubles on the tree that my children made in school.  I love the look as opposed to the sophisticated trees in department stores.  I love getting ornaments from the children and display them proudly.  Here are photos of the ones I received this year.

From Beanie

from Kathryn
from Nathan

The one from Beanie is a collage of Christmas themed scrapbook paper framing a piece of original art a la Bean! It was laminated to insure that it lasts for a long, long time.

The lovely stars from Nathan and Kathryn were crafted from a recipe of glue, water and cinnamon, similar to salt dough but probably not as rough on little hands.  They are dated and initialed and smell gorgeous.

Over the years, JLSHall has been giving me Lenox ornaments and I have a nice little collection.  I love them, I love the feel of them and the colors.  This year I received this lovely tree.

It is so sweet because each of the ornaments on the tree is a package and when you give it a shake they all tinkle! Again, it is a lovely shade of green with gold and red accents.

I don't put these Lenox ornaments on the tree but rather I line them up on a shelf where they are out of danger -- well, relatively so.  They make such a pretty arrangement and I love looking at them.

So, now that I have had my ornament fix I hate to have to put them away.  I decorated in stages this year so it wasn't such a chore --- I wanted to enjoy it -- and I think I will undecorate the same way this year.  I can't say I will enjoy it but maybe it won't be so bad.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I too am a sucker for pretty Christmas ornaments, Wedgwood though is my weakness!!

Gill in Canada

Boyett-Brinkley said...

You do have some lovely ones!

JLS Hall said...

Glad you liked the ornament. I'm always amazed that they get there unbroken. I let Michael do most of our decorating this year -- he's really much better at it than I am, and he likes to do it. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to help with the UN-decorating in a few days.