Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bracelet

Hmm, my title sounds a bit like a Nicholas Sparks novel, doesn't it?  I digress.  This photo was taken when my daughter requested a picture of my bracelet to use on her blog.    I hadn't paid too much attention to this piece of jewelry in a long time as I now have a much smaller one with rememberances of my children and grandchildren on it.  It doesn't make nearly as much noise in church.  This bracelet has much more history to it, however.

I was given the bracelet on my 16th birthday by my boyfriend, now husband.  I won't even pretend to tell you how long ago that was just suffice it to say it  has been a while.  One of my charms is a replica of the Hemisfair Tower commemorating Hemisfair '68 in San Antonio.

In the center of the bracelet, there is a round charm that says Happy Birthday -- this is the charm that he put on the bracelet to give to me that birthday.  I have been collecting charms ever since and from all sorts of places.

My husband has traveled a great deal in his career and he has brought me all sorts of souvenirs, many of them charms.  I have one from Louisiana, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas and Canada.  I have a tatting shuttle to remind me of my Aunt Bernice, a thimble because I sew, a quilt square because I quilt, a piano because I used to play the piano.  I have a Disney "Figaro" which is sort of a joke between the Hubs and me, a ballet shoe because I used to dance. There are various happy birthday and I love you charms but I guess the most unusual is the grocery cart.  My husband used to work at a grocery store in San Antonio by the name of HEB.  While surfing around Ebay one evening my daughter found this charm that was made by James Avery as a promotion for the store.  I snatched that one up right away -- they are not easy come by and I figured I might not find another.  My daughter bought me an airplane to remind me of my first flight -- a long haul to the UK, no less -- I don't believe in starting small!  Of course, I had to pick up a replica of the crown jewels in the UK.  My favorite, aside from the first ever to be put on the bracelet, is the one that says "Best Mom". 

I will probably always collect charms -- it was sort of a rite of passage of a teen in the 50's and 60's and I find the bracelets so charming.  When I see them in the antique stores I often wonder about the person they belonged to and how their memories are so much like every other girl of that era.  I have tried to continue the tradition of charm bracelets with my daughter and daughter-in-law but they are on their own with it now -- they have their own memories to add and I hope they will continue it with their own daughters.
The Whole Week in One Fell Swoop

I have been trying to post more regularly but I have a problem in that some days I just simply have nothing of any interest to say.  So, in order to keep me on an even keel, I like to employ several "meme's" so to speak. This week, I have gotten completely off track and have done none of them so I am going to combine them all into one and try again next week.  so, here goes.

Blue Monday

Learning to catagorize by color

Teaser Tuesdays

This weeks Teaser is from "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane" by Katherine

"After a few more minutes spent yanking on the last stubborn vines, Connie sat back on her heels and regarded the revealed gate.  Its iron was so pitted with rust and age that she feared it might dissolve at her touch."

Wordless Wednesday

Booking Through Thursday -- Multi-tasking

I do not multi-task.  I am not good at it.  With anything.  If I am reading, most likely the television is on because the Hubs is sitting in the next chair.  If the book is good, I can tune out the tv but if the book  is just so-so, I end up watching the tv but I don't do both at the same time.  I have never brushed my teeth while reading a book but I have actually ridden in the car and read but not while I was driving -- little joke there.

Friday Fill-Ins

1.  Oh gross! I thought it was chicken!

2.  Ah, well, THAT'S off my bucket list.

3.  No, thank you.

4.  One thing I can play on the piano is Heart and Soul.

5.  and then, I would like to buy a lottery ticket and win a boatload of money.

6.  I can't forget all the lies they told us.

7.  And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to reading, tomorrow my plans include yard work and Sunday I want to go to church and relax.