Friday, March 25, 2011

Following the Lead

of LoneStarPrep  I am going to do the ABC meme.  This is an alphabetized list of facts about yourself -- join me in the fun!

A  Age:  Old enough to know better, young enough to not care! Ok, maybe not that young anymore but I really don't want to put an actual NUMBER up here.

B  Bed size:  king -- getting harder to put sheets on due to A.

C  Chore you hate:  eh, pretty much all of them now. 

D  Dogs -- I don't have one but if I did it would be a clone of my sweet Tessie -- a Cairn Terrier.

E  Essential start to your day -  waking up.

F  Favorite color -- don't actually have one

G  Gold or silver -- either -- seems I have a "neutral" complexion which means I can wear either equally well. 

H   Height -- well, I USED to be 5'5 1/2" but after people kept asking me if I was shrinking I had the hubs measure me and I am now 5' 4 1/2" .  I think I will have him remeasure me -- I don't feel any shorter.

I  Instrument you play -- I used to play the piano but now I have no piano so I don't play anything

J  Job title -- wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, homemaker although I don't really do any work anymore

K  Kids -- two but they aren't kids anymore

L  Live -- Texas

M  My mom's name -- which name -- the one she went by or the one we barely realized she had been given at birth. 

N  Nickname -- Liss

O  Overnight hospital stay -- see K

P  Pet Peeve -- don't really have any except for the giant construction project behind my house.  Other than that, I am pretty laid back.

Q  Quote from a movie -- "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."  I think that is how it went.

R   Righty/lefty?  Righty unless I am sitting on the left side of my husband in a restaurant and then I am a lefty because he is too and if I don't eat with my left hand, we run into each other.

S  Sibling -- zero

T  time you wake up -- depends on several factors none being that I am rested

U underwear -- I don't understand the question. 

V  veggies you dislike -- zero

W  what makes you run late?  Nothing anymore.  Kids used to.

X  Xrays you have had -- knees when 11 years old -- teeth, teeth, teeth all the time with the teeth already.

Y  Yummy food you make -- uh, I am not a good cook however, people do ask for my potato salad.

Z  zoo animal -- It is too hot to go to the zoo -- I guess I really like the penguins. And the bears.  Not crazy about the hippos.

Okie dokie, that is me!