Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Joy of Shoe Shopping Returns

When you are cursed blessed with short, wide feet shoe shopping in regular venues is difficult at best, grueling more commonly.  So, I have learned to shop online.  It took me a long time to get into the online shopping arena but my first visit to convinced me.  As I did more looking, I found that lots of shoe sellers had short, wide shoes online but you would never find them in the stores so I was thrilled. 

One of my favorite line shopping spots is  It was here that I found a nice pair of plain flats. Since I have arthritis in my knees and feet I have long since given up heels except on very special occasions so I need some plain flats that could be dressed up or down.  This is what I chose from Clarks--

They are so comfortable and have worn so well that I ordered two more pair, another black and a nice tan.  With free shipping how could I not? And you know what? When they didn't have the tan in stock, they even searched their competitors for me and helped me locate them on another site! Who does that anymore.  The tan pair was found at  They have the same perks like free shipping both ways and were very helpful.  The person I talked to on the phone while placing the order was very nice and we had a lovely conversation about the weather.  He even sent me a thank you note for my business and he drew me a cartoon of a tornado -- I think he was twelve.

It is summer here in Texas and the one thing I can't stand is to have hot feet so I wear lots of sandals when I am forced to wear shoes at all.  So, I visited the Lands End site after receiving a catalogue and purchased these -- again in wides -- and I am very pleased with them -- so pleased in fact, that I bought them in three colors -- tan, tomato red and true navy.  I will be wearing the tomato red today.
I know it sounds like an overkill, but when I find something that works I need to scoop it up because who knows if I will ever find it again, especially in shoes whose proportions match the box more than feet.

Summer sandals require cute toes -- cute colorful toes.  Two weeks ago I gave myself a really nice pedicure which isn't easy with arthritic knees -- not bendy  at all -- but I managed and I thought the toesies looks great in this.

It looked lovely and wore quite well.  However, it was time to change things up as I didn't want my toes to clash with my tomato red sandals so I have now changed it to this.

Much calmer choice, I would say and, hopefully, not as difficult to remove as the brighter stuff. 

So, that was my shopping adventure of late.  I am so glad to be able to find shoes that work for me because hurting feet aren't very attractive when you are forced to walk like Yoda.  So, I am looking forward  to enjoying a comfortable, free-footed summer.
Like a Bolt out of the Blue

It came to me suddenly -- like a bolt out of the blue -- a dream in the night if you will -- the reason why I am such an unsuccessful blogger.  I am "too" -- too random, too slow, too lazy, too unorganized -- to sum up, too boring.

I read lots of blogs and add to (and subtract from) my blogroll on a regular basis.  I have lots of interests so I am always looking for blogs to read that mirror those interests.  I love quilting and needlework, I read constantly, I have not gotten into bird watching/feeding, I am sort of becoming interested in gardening and I like taking photos.  The only thing is that my  blog doesn't concentrate on one thing, it is a hodge podge of all sorts of things with no real direction.  The photo taking is another issue -- taking them is fine, getting them on the computer is another.  I don't seem to be able to remember how to download them from the card so I have a little cheat sheet that the Hubs gave me to help.  It just seems to be an effort.

Most of the blogs I read are usually focused on one subject with lots of photos.  I guess I could start a blog for every subject but then I would have to deal with the "too lazy" aspect of my personality.  It seems that I have sunk into the "meme-a-day" sort of approach which does help with the consistency aspect but, come one, who really cares which I think about all those things and what word or group of words I can come up with to complete a thought.  Blah.

So, I guess I am going to have to re-think the whole blog thing.  I really enjoy reading them, I do enjoy writing them, but I think I need to get out of this box to do my thinking and make more of an effort to take more photos....ah.