Sunday, September 04, 2011

Uh Oh -- A Little Backslide!

It is a beautiful day today -- the breeze is blowing in a cool front that promises to reduce our 100+ temps to mid-80's by tomorrow! I couldn't be more thrilled.  I used to dread winter -- still do considering our winters have become so icy the last few years -- but I really dread summer.  It has been so hot that it hasn't been safe for outdoor activity at all this season so I am really looking forward to this cool front that is ushering in autumn. I don't believe any rain is in our forecast even with all the tropical storm activity in the gulf but that is ok, I won't be greedy -- I will be more than content with the cooler temps.
We had a lovely get-together last night for our DD's birthday which is actually on Tuesday.  She had a couple of good friends join us and a good time was had by all -- Beanie really enjoyed herself although it was determined that my high chair is way too big for her and sort of swallows her up.  I might have to look at an alternative but as soon as I do, she will be out of it so I don't know if it is worth the effort or the expenditure.  We did miss our son and his family, though, but he was home with a migraine.  I will check on him later and see if he is better.

The Hubs cooked kabobs -- beef and chicken and veggie for B our vegan friend.  I had rice and a large tossed salad.  Hubs also made a wonderful apple tarte tatin which he served with heavy cream.  Yum.  I made devils food cupcakes.  Trust me, his apple thing was much, much better than my mix made cupcakes.

It proved to be a quiet afternoon except for the accidents.  In the course of thirty minutes a cabinet hinge gave way, Hubs dropped something and broke one of my canister lids and then he broke a coffee cup!  We made him sit down for the rest of the evening.  he is not usually so accident prone but I felt like he was on a roll and needed to be stopped!  And then came the back sliding part ----

with every dish in the house dirty, I broke down and ran the dishwasher.  I was so sad that I didn't have the energy or the desire to stand there and wash all those dishes.  However, I used the normal wash cycle instead of the high temp cycle and I turned off the dry cycle so they dried on their own so I guess it wasn't a complete disaster.  I now remember why I don't like using the dishwasher -- my dw is across the room from where the dishes are kept and I don't especially like unloading a huge load of dishes.  It is much easier to unload the dish drainer on the counter and I prefer it so this mornings dishes were washed by hand and are happily drying right now -- in fact, they are probably already dry.  I guess I am back in the groove so to speak.

I have been trying to complete a quilt I started -- a  disappearing nine patch -- and it just isn't going together well at all.  I thought this pattern would be a cinch -- there is nothing to it -- and I have made one before but if it isn't cut accurately, it is just a monster and that is what has happened with this one I am afraid.  So, I have been struggling with that declaring under my breath that I am never going to make another one of these again!  I also found a section of a quilt that I was hand piecing and I seriously think I am going to try that again.  The accuracy is unbelievable and I much prefer handwork over being hunched over the machine.  I am going to finish that one and see how it goes -- who knows, I might actually prefer it.

So, it is labor day weekend -- the weekend I gave birth to my daughter -- very appropriate, don't you think?  I think the rest of this weekend I am going to rest, enjoy my tea outside in the cooler weather and just enjoy this wonderful change of season! Have a great weekend everybody!