Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays

I figure I better post this now, while it is still Tuesday!  This has been a strange day, probably due to yesterday being a holiday but it doesn't seem like Tuesday and it doesn't seem like it should be dark already -- hmmm...one cold front and the days are already getting shorter.  Go figure.

Ok, here is the teaser.  It is from the book I am still reading Aunt Dimity and the Duke, page 197.

"Don't suppose I should take such pleasure in this," he said, crossing from the windows to stand before a lute-strumming marble angel perched upon a marble pedestal, "but it's really quite wonderful.  Watch."  He grasped the angel's head and tilted it forward and the wall behind the pedestal swung away into darkness.

I haven't gotten to this part yet so I don't really know what is happening here -- but I have an idea!