Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday is hosted by Angela at Tracing Rainbows.  I followed Gill and Jane there after they posted some thrifty tips of their own.  It is a very interesting site with great links.  In today's post, I especially liked Angela's discussion of paper and some great ways to reuse the paper in our life.  I was also glad she mentioned using handkerchiefs over tissues.  This is something I have been thinking about since I have a nice collection of hankies that were destined for a quilt but since I can't stand the thought of cutting into them, that will probably never happen.   I love to buy the hankies at our neighborhood antique mall and always come home with one or two so I might just as well use them!

I don't have too many thrifty tips of my own since I am, at my advanced age, trying to learn how to be more frugal and more conscious of the affect of my actions on others.  I have been washing dishes by hand and hanging laundry which is the subject of past blogs and I saw a difference in my utility bill.  This month I am trying a new approach to dish washing which is to load the dishwasher but only run when it is full (opps! yes, I am guilty as charged) which takes us two to three days to get it full since there are only two of us and to run on the regular wash cycle only -- not extra hot and no warm dry.  I am running it before bed and by the time I get up in the morning, the dishes are air dried and all is good.  I will see, this month, how this affects the bill.  I have to say, though, that after washing the dishes by hand for a month I sort of enjoyed it.  I will see -- my choice will all depend on the $$$.

So, visit Thifty Thursday for some good hints and some good links.

8 September 2011

Booking Through Thursday has posed the following questions --

What are you reading now?
Would you recommend it?
And what is next?

I am currently finishing up "Aunt Dimity and the Duke" by Nancy Atherton.  It is the second in the Aunt Dimity series that consists of about fifteen titles.

I would recommend this book but I would rather recommend the series. I didn't realize this was a series and read one of the books sort of in the middle of the series.  It was stand alone, as they all are, but it is much nicer beginning at the beginning because they do build on each other.

As far as what is next, it would be an obvious choice to read the third in the series but I might take a break and do something else.  Sitting on my bookshelf calling out to me each time I walk by is a copy of "When the Light Goes Out" by Larry McMurtry.  It is the sequel to "Duane's Depressed" which I haven't read. reading the back of the book, it describes "Duane's Depressed" as "one of McMurtry's most moving novels" -- Texas Monthly.  So, maybe I shouldn't skip over that one -- I might miss something.  So, in answer to the question -- I am not sure but I will let you know!