Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 October 2011

Update -- the closing is done, they had the funds, the utilities are turned off and the insurance is canceled.  We went to dinner to celebrate and brought dessert home.  We are now going to enjoy Tres Leche cake and watch a scary movie.  It is a good day.  Well, except for the scary movie maybe. 
25 October 2011


I think I have discovered why I am getting up so early.  Since Hubs retirement, the flow of my days has changed -- it isn't what "I" am doing anymore but what "we" are doing.  I enjoy that, to a point, but having grown up an only child and having spent a lot of time alone what with his traveling and all, I sort of miss my alone time to do with what I want and I think my early rising is an effort to recapture some of that time.  I spent some of my alone time, this morning, reading blogs.  I really enjoy reading blogs, I feel like I have made real friends through these blogs and have really gotten to know people.  I love the photos and just hearing about people's days.  The more I read blogs the less I like the social network sites.  Blogs are just less manic and more real.  I don't understand Twitter at all even though I have an account but I forget I have an account so I don't think it matters much.  I feel like Facebook has the potential to be dangerous. I digress.

While reading one of my favorite blogs -- Angela's Tracing Rainbows -- I  discovered a  new site that I hadn't seen before called PomPom's Ponderings.  I decided to give it a look and was completed charmed! So cute and creative -- I will visit again soon and have added her to my blogroll. You can find Tracing Rainbows on my blogroll as well.

Well, today is starting out promising.  Supposedly we will close on the house this morning and possibly celebrate with lunch or dinner out -- who knows.  I think I am getting past my creative slump and feeling a bit more energetic this morning -- that is what reading blogs does to me.  It gets me going and now, after reading Joy's blog about fountain pens, I want a fountain pen complete with cartridges. You can find this discussion at Supply Cabinet Chronicles also listed in my blogroll. 

So, with a renewed interest in things and my mind going a mile a minute, I think I should go get ready for THE CLOSING.  If it doesn't happen, I am sure you will be able to hear me screaming wherever you might be.  I will let you know what happens -- wish us luck although luck really shouldn't have anything to do with it at this point.  More on that later.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Aunt Dimity Digs In

Today's teaser is from  page 28.

I could scarcely believe it myself, much less explain how it worked, or why Dimity's spirit lingered in the cottage long after her mortal remains had departed the earth -- but I couldn't deny the evidence of my own eyes.  The skeptic within me fell silent each time Aunt Dimity's words appeared, written in royal-blue ink in her fine copperplate, on the blue journal's blank, unlined pages.

So, there you go.  I wish I had a blue journal that somebody would write to me in.