Monday, December 05, 2011

Today's Question at Musing Mondays over at Should Be Reading hosted by Miz B is "how many books do you read in a week? a month? a year?"

I never kept up with my reading totals before now.  I would just read.  Some books went quickly, some took  forever, and some didn't get finished at all.  However, now that there are a number of reading sites out there which host all manner of challenges, I have become more aware of how much I read.  I rarely complete a book in a week -- I am easily distracted.  Most would be done in two weeks.  I can read a couple of books a month if I put my mind to it and I have read about 18 books this year -- to date.  I had a goal of 25 but it isn't going to happen.  I am definitely not a fast reader but I am, what I would call, a steady reader.