Monday, August 20, 2012

20 August 2012

Today's question is --

Have you ever re-read a book and found your opinion changed?

Not so much since I tend not to re-read books --- except children's books, of course, which tend to get very repetitive and committed to memory.  I have changed my opinion of some of those, however, and have gotten bored with them.  Some stay as exciting as they first were -- a good example is almost everything in "The Bumper Book".  I have to say that, when I was a child, my favorite book was "The Bumper Book" -- a collection of stories and poems -- but some of the stories I didn't care for.  Now, as I am reading them to a grandchild, I have come to enjoy some of the stories, as an adult, that I didn't  like as a child.  So, in that respect, I would have to say "yes" to the question.


caite said...

I do not normally reread.
But true, with kid's book, it is different.
but still, if it leads to not liking the book, that is bad!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I don't reread very many books, but out of curiosity, have done some's MY MONDAY MUSINGS POST

gautami tripathy said...

I do re-read but have not changed my opinion after re-reading...

Here is my post.

Kwizgiver said...

I'm not much of a re-reader, the few I can think of were favorites to begin with.