Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Finds is hosted by  This week my Friday Find is M. C. Beaton's "A Highland Christmas".

When I say it was a "find" I meant it-- literally.  I had checked this book out from the library via my Nook.  It was my first library book on the e-reader and, as I was finishing up some other reads, I didn't have time to finish it before it was due to be returned so I decided to purchase the book.  I went to my local B&N to find it and, for the life of me, I couldn't find any of the Beaton books.  Yes, yes, I know, I could have asked but asking for help in a bookstore for me is like a guy asking for directions while driving -- isn't going to happen.  Somehow I managed to find the books and I honestly don't know how they were shelved -- they just didn't seem to be in the correct place but I DID find them but not this title. Looking down at the lowest shelf, behind another title by another author, I found this little bitty book.  Was it shelved wrong or did somebody hide it there to be picked up later?  Who knows but the bigger question is-- this is such a short book why didn't I finish it before it was due at the library?  Anyway, I have the book and will be finishing it now.  As far as "discovering" a new read, I have to say that I discovered this entire series and look forward to enjoying it as much as the Aunt Dimity series.
Books and Movies and Books -- Oh My!

Life here at Casita de Brinkley is pretty ordinary -- we aren't trail blazing people! The Hubs has his cameras and his woodworking, and the ever-
present vine in the garden to pull out.  I have my quilting and cross stitching (both of which have gone dormant at the moment) and my books and vintage movie viewing.  Of course there are the everyday things of life like laundry and dishes which are a totally different blog -- NEVER!

During my time of babysitting this past school year, reading has become my go-to activity because it doesn't require hauling a lot of stuff or making a mess as sewing projects have a tendency to do.   I have explored audio books as well as e-books.  It has been really nice having a chunk of time each day that I can devote to reading and not feel guilty about taking time away from something else more important (read:  laundry and dishes). The audio books definitely made the commute more relaxing.  Now that I am home for the summer I am not only reading, I am able to enjoy my other guilty pleasure -- watching vintage movies. 

The first audio book I listened to was "Folly Beach" authored by Dorothea Benton Frank and read by Robin Miles.

  The book made several references to a Fanny Hurst book "Imitation of Life". 

Since the 1950's movie by the same title is one of my favorite movies (yes, I saw it as a 9 year old in the theater -- we didn't have movie ratings at the time) I was compelled to purchase the book and it is now in my reading queue.

So, night before last I found myself curled up on the couch, in a quilt, watching (read: weeping) "Imitation of Life" once again.

It never loses it's appeal for me and I just can't wait to start the book!