Friday, January 03, 2014

Book Beginnings on Friday

Book Beginnings on Friday is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader.  The premise is to share the first sentence or two of what you are currently reading.

I am beginning this book as I share this line with you so here goes:

"Liverpool was a desperate place on October 9, 1940, when Julia Stanley Lennon gave birth tp her first and only son, at the Oxford Maternity Home."

Yes, this is a biography of John Lennon written by Tim Riley.  My first impression of this book came when I saw the cover in the store -- a somber John Lennon looking through rose colored glasses.  I never thought of John Lennon as anything but a realist and a bit cynical so the idea of him looking at life through pink tinted shades just doesn't mesh with my impression of him.  I look forward to seeing if perhaps he was a bit more idealistic and optimistic as a youngster than he was as an adult.

From the descriptive language of the first sentence I expect this book to be written in a realistic manner, sometimes harsh, but never sugar coated.  That remains to be seen.  I will review when I am done.  Loads of photos in this book -- I am sure I will enjoy that!