Monday, April 13, 2015


Remember childhood?  Remember playing?  I loved jacks, jump ropes and playing hopscotch.  I was afraid of roller skates and couldn't keep up with that darn skate key to save my life. I loved reading and coloring and playing games. Many hours were spent building a play house with quilts and lawn chairs under the gardenia bush with my cousin.  What happened to playing?

Oh, wait! We still play, don't we?

Sure we do! My playing tends to be more of the artistic variety these days but it is still playing.  I quilt and cross stitch and I am toying with the idea of making some cards.  I have even starting collecting a few tools for the projects -- rubber stamps, paper punches and such.

And, I still color.

I love these coloring books for grownups -- they are so detailed.  And I absolutely LOVE Crayola colored pencils.

Ok, there is one other thing I do to play.  Not many people know this but I doodle.  Being the extremely untalented daughter of a pretty darn talented artist I kept my artistic endeavours to coloring and writing -- I like to write as well.  I always wished I had inherited the artistic gene but alas, it wasn't to be so I just avoided the whole situation.  Fast forward to the last couple of years.  Bean likes to draw and I think she will be a good little artist with time and a bit of training.  She likes company when she draws so I draw with her.  I have learned that doodling, even if it isn't great art, is very relaxing and theraputic.  I can easily get lost in it. I have also learned that it doesn't really matter if it is fine art -- if it is enjoyable that is all that matters.

So, I thought I would introduce you to Arlo.  I love Arlo.  He is so....well...round.  And sweet.  He has a female counterpart named Gwendolyn but I couldn't find her.  She is round as well.

There is a boat on the page behind and you can sort of see it -- not part of Arlo

I am sorry he is a bit blurry -- my hands shake a little bit and I sometimes I have a hard time holding the camera still.

This is Arlo and Gwendolyn's tree.

And a couple of their BFF's

Hee hee -- they are so bad they make me laugh! I am such a silly ol' broad!


Frugally challenged said...

Hi Arlo!

Nice to meet you? Are you going to be coming here often?

Boyett-Brinkley said...

He might! He is a little shy. I doubt that I should share too much of my "fine art". I hope I do better at cardmaking!

Jane and Chris said...

My cat Gwendoline is thrilled to have been introduced to another Gwendolyn!
Jane x

Penhallow Street said...

Melissa, these are great drawings!! I love Arlo and hope Gwendolyn makes an appearance sometime in the near future.

When I draw most of my lines appear a bit hesitant--my own self-doubt when approaching a subject. But you've got a nice linear quality going on in those drawings and the characters have a making for a nice story. I'm sure your grandchild enjoys drawing with you too.

Have fun doodling and keep posting them.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Thanks, Bonnie! I also like drawing those heirloom pumpkins because they are so imperfect and whimsical. I will post one of those one of these days.