Thursday, August 06, 2015

Allen, Allen, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, that is a complicated question.  Which garden are you speaking of? Perhaps this unruly, overgrown example of what NOT to do when landscaping?

The Dewberry and Mystery Vine creeping up the Folly
The Hawthorn being eaten by that lovely creeping Asian shrub -- can't remember the name
Well, Allen has been spending the summer -- the entire summer -- in an effort to remedy the situation.  He has a deep tan which he has never had being a redhead and all and I think he has permanently injured his right elbow digging up stumps and pulling out roots.  No, I haven't helped him.  My job is to just get out of the way and make iced tea.

So, after many weeks of grueling labor and almost 100 lawn clipping bags put out for pickup this is the end result~

New Redbud tree to replace the broken Hackberry

Asiatic Jasmine everywhere

now you can see the boulders and the hollies

bags of clippings all gone

the mint bed under control
Arlo in his much sturdier new home

Vast improvement, don't you think?