Sunday, February 07, 2016

Starting Over Sunday

I've developed my own meme -- Starting Over Sunday.  My goal in the new year was to blog each and every day and wean myself from social media.  I had been doing pretty good until this week when everything sort of unraveled.

The last time I was here was Tuesday.  Then my hours started filling up with -- what?  House cleaning and laundry.  My goal with laundry is to wash a load each day so it never piles up again.  Now I have been charged with the duty of doing my mother in laws laundry so I really have to be vigilant.  Then, I decided to clean house.  I did a good deal of that on Wednesday and Thursday.  Of course, you can't see that today but I did do it.  Friday took us away from home all day.

Friday was Grandparents day at my two older grandchildren's school and we were invited to attend.  We first went to Kathryn's classroom, then to Mass, then back to Kathryn's classroom where we listened to reports on their favorite animal and got to see dioramas they built depicting their favorite animal in its natural habitat.  Kathryn's favorite animal was a snow leopard and she did a beautiful job on her diorama.  I wish I had taken a photo of it but we didn't have many opportunities for photos -- this is a fast moving event.

After Kathryn's presentation we went to Nathan's classroom to watch their presentations about their favorite president.  The students were put in groups of three or four and each group acted out a skit and shared a timeline they had done as a poster to detail each president's life.  Nathan's group focused on Theodore Roosevelt.  They did a wonderful job as did all the other groups.  They were a delight to watch as there was drama and humor and giggles and there was even a stand in for one little girl who decided to leave. 

There was a lovely reception with sweet rolls and coffee and it was there that I got to meet one of Kathryn's friends and her grandparents.  Such nice people, it was a good time.

I wish I had photos but I have been asked to not put photos of the children on the internet.  I respect that but it would certainly liven up the post. 

Then, later Friday evening, we went back to my son's house for Nathan's 9th birthday party with the family.  There was a meal and gift opening and lots of cuddling with Emily, the 16th month old granddaughter.  About 9:45 it was time to leave -- I was turning into a pumpkin.

I got up at 5:15 on Friday morning and didn't go to bed until 11:30 Friday night.  There were four trips back and forth to my son's house, each being about 45 minutes long.  I don't think I need to explain why yesterday I was completely exhausted and actually pretty mad at the world.  I don't do well when I get too tired and I had surpassed THAT at about 5 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Yesterday morning I sewed Girl Scout patches on Bean's vest -- it is really filling up and looking spiffy.  

Yesterday afternoon I grocery shopped.  I was out of everything.  Well, not exactly true -- out of meat but if I don't have meat I am basically out of everything.  So, I went -- even though I was bushed -- and I shopped.  I spent $238 dollars but, by golly, I have meat now.  And canned tomatoes which I had run out of.  So, anyway, too much money spent but the pantry and the freezer look healthier now and I can relax that I can put meals together for several days now.  And.....we ate out last night.

Last night I watched the debate and took my sassy self to bed where I fell out before I ever hit the bed.  So far I am feeling a bit better today but my allergies are raging, my ears are hurting and I feel like I have cotton stuffed behind my nose.

So, off to church I go, home to cook lunch and then Hubs will watch the SuperBowl and I will write a long overdue letter to my pen pal.  And tomorrow I will try hard to get back on a blogging routine.

Have a wonderful day!


Pom Pom said...

Hello BB! Wow! That WAS a long day! I hate getting tired, too.
I know what you mean when you say that it feels like cotton is stuffed behind your nose. Grrrr. Allergies.
Have a great week. You had lots of fun granny times last week!

JLS Hall said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just thinking about all that visiting! You've definitely been busy. I like the idea of "Starting Over Sunday" -- I was going to try to do something similar this year, but I've already fallen off schedule. Don't think I could ever blog everyday, but I'd like to do it on a more regular basis. Maybe when Benadryl season is over and I can actually stay awake all day again.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Pom Pom -- Yes, getting tired is not something I like to do because as I am ageing I am finding that it takes me longer and longer to recover. There was lots of Granny fun to be had but I seriously think we need to move closer to my kids -- the driving on Dallas/Fort Worth highways is seriously life threatening!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Joy -- well, my idea of blogging every day was to keep me from checking on facebook multiple times a day -- FB is so depressing -- sick children, abused dogs, atrocities in foreign countries --- I mean, I know it is social media which leaves it open to all things that people want to talk about but it is just downright depressing to me. So, I have been trying to focus on my blog and reading other people's blogs but it is hard because, as hard as it is to believe, I don't have anything to say most days (can you imagine that?) But, I am going to keep trying. I might have to start making things up! Hahah!

Penhallow Street said...

It's the everyday events that are so enjoyable to read about here on your blog. Life is it's grandest in the little things--gotta say though, it would be nice to have more energy as you age, rather than less, to enjoy all those many things.

Allergies, ugh, hope you get better.


Boyett-Brinkley said...

Bonnie -- oh yes, I agree about the energy thing! As I have gotten older I realize that some of the things I heard in my younger years about getting older are just wrong. The first thing is that life slows down. In my case, that isn't true. I have always been part of a "sandwich" -- ageing parents and kids to take care of. I find I am still in this situation -- ageing mother in law and grandchild. Nothing much has changed! And the other thing is that when we get older we need to downsize and live smaller -- I actually need a bigger house -- or maybe just a different configuration -- but I could sure use a couple of more rooms!