Monday, January 11, 2016

Moving Day Number -- oh who knows anymore

Moving my MIL to an assisted living apartment is like the never ending project.  It took us the entire day to move her clothes from one the old apt. to the new apt. which is just across the parking lot -- she had to look at each piece and determine whether it would stay or go -- she had to pare down because she just didn't have as much closet space.  It. took. all. day.  She has two closets in the new apartment and they are now full to the brim.  We are toting six medium size (18 X 18 X 16) moving boxes full of clothes to the charity shop tomorrow.  In the process of clearing out one closet we found six more boxes and one bag full of clothes that we didn't know was there.  We are about to lose our minds.

I have learned so much about minimal living from this experience.  Much more than I ever learned from reading books or blogs or articles.  At one point this afternoon I was musing about how Marie Kondo would handle this situation.  I am sure she wouldn't have felt like running away -- she probably would have enjoyed the experience.  I did not. 

So, when I get finished dealing with MIL's possessions I am moving on to my own.  I am not ever going to have my kids go mad going through my junk.