Saturday, January 16, 2016

Reading in the New Year and Brussels Sprouts

As I posted a while back, I am really trying to wean myself from Facebook somewhat and concentrate on my blog more as well as the blogs I read.  I have also wanted to pay more attention to Goodreads as they really have good information on there for new reading material.  That is causing me some stress as there are so many good books being shared.

Due to the moving of the MIL I am a bit behind on my reading but I did start my new Jan Karon book -- "Come Rain or Come Shine". 

I have only read a bit of it but I can tell I am going to enjoy it as much as I have Karon's other books.  It isn't terribly long so I imagine it will be a quick read which I will hate because I don't like good books to end.

However, I have been introduced to another title that has caught my eye -- "The Children's Home" by Charles Lambert. My cousin, JLSHall is reading it now and

and gave a good review.  Another review compares it to Shirley Jackson's works
 which intrigues me because I am a huge Shirley Jackson fan -- well, except for "The Lottery". Don't read that.  Scary.  And depressing.  In any event, this title might be my next.

I added "Eleanor and Park" by Rainbow Rowell from my daughter's to read list.
Sometimes YA things are good and I like to read them from time to time.  I will have to get back to you on this.  But, I like the cover.

Earlier today I was doing some surfing on the internet about the Paleo diet.  I am sort of interested in it as it is a good diet for diabetics, it seems.  My husband is diabetic and he is having a blood pressure problem right now so I am thinking that we both need a change in our diet.  I need to break the sugar habit in the worst way.  I was sugar free for a while -- well, added sugar.  Heaven only knows how much sugar is hidden in our food and the only way to get past that is to cook from scratch at home.  So, I am going to give it a go. 

A friend of mine suggested a website called for news and recipes on health and diet and such.  In order to access it you have to leave off the "." after dr but takes you right there.  I found a recipe for roasted brussels sprouts with apples and pecans and it sounds delightful.  I think I will be trying it for sure.  It makes a lot so you might want to cut it down but that is easily done.  I think it would be good with pork.

And, right on schedule, the cedar pollen has arrived and blown up my nose so raging allergies coupled with the side effects of a difficult med, I am not feeling great.  However, when emptying my MIL's kitchen, I fell heir to her new bread machine and I think I am going to give it a try.  It is smaller than mine and I think it makes a horizontal loaf of bread which is what I have been looking for.  So, I might be doing that this evening.  I will let you know how it goes.

The cookie sale did better than I thought it would at my house.  We had two people come by and buy several boxes.  I was surprised because I didn't really think I would have anybody so I was pleased.  Our HOA doesn't allow any solicitation -- even adorable 5 year old girls with cookies -- so I had to do it from my house.  That is why I was surprised that we had anybody.  We are doing it again tomorrow, though, so we will see.  Maybe my neighbors have had time to think about the cookie goodness and are now realizing what they missed!I have been good and not eaten any.  Really.

So, that is it for Saturday! Back to my book and my tissues.

Keep Calm -- We Have Them

So.....we have roasted turkeys, decorated trees and wrapped gifts, shot fireworks for the new year ... so what is next?  Valentines?  Any retail store will say that is true but there is something that comes before that.  An event that is much awaited.  And... it is here!

Yes, it is cookie time.  Not great for my sugar detox and I am certain that I will have a freezer full of them by the end of the day but our little Daisy Scout is very enthusiastic about it so we will support her.  This sale is very important to these girls as they get a portion of the proceeds for their troop to allow them to do activities and have meaningful meetings.  I was a Brownie and I remember enjoying the time spent.  I even remember the cookies.  I remember my mother being the leader -- it was a good time for us.  So, if one of these sweeties knocks on your door or rings your bell be generous -- this means a lot to these kiddos.

Keep calm -- the cookies are here!