Saturday, April 09, 2016

Simple Living Challenge

Today is the first day of my Simple Living Challenge hosted by Jenn at  My plan is different that hers slightly but reading over hers I think she has some good ideas, mostly in the form of housekeeping.

So, my goals are:

1.  Putting spiritual things first -- the first little while of my day will be spent with tea and The Word.  I have done this this morning already and I feel good about it.  Since I have never read the Bible all the way through I decided to start at the logical start place -- Genesis.  I am reading a few chapters at a time in an easy to read format -- Women's Devotional Bible by Zondervan.  I am not striving for a goal of a certain amount per day -- just reading until it feels right.

2.  Exercise.  I am aiming for 30 minutes of dedicated exercise a day.  I have already ridden my exercise bike for 30 minutes this morning and hopefully I will feel more energized over the course of the day.

3.  Less noise pollution.  The tv has yet to come on.

4.  Food -- eating intuitively.  I am going to purchase the books suggested by Jenn (for some reason I think I have one of them but can't find it -- maybe I need to KonMarie my books!)  Anyway, I am going to start studying them.  However, yesterday I said I was going to eat three meals a day with no snacks.  I am going to change that and allow a mid morning something to go with tea.  I can do fine from lunch to supper but I get up so early that I almost always need a little break -- hopefully something healthy.  I started thinking about kindergarten and we always got a snack in kindergarten -- even just half day kinder so I am thinking something small with my mid-morning cuppa will be ok if I am mindful.

5.  Domestic issues -- I have been looking at Jenn's organization of her chores and I am thinking about mine.  I will continue to do laundry on a daily basis -- I absolutely have to do that in order to keep up with it.  My husband seems to change his clothes A LOT! And the kitchen is an ever ongoing project but that is ok -- I would rather be on top of it.   The rest of it -- well, I think I am over thinking the whole thing.  I am going to pick a day to do each chore -- bathrooms, dust, and vacuum.  Vacuuming is my least favorite thing to do so I think I will do it on Friday to be ready for anybody who might drop by on the weekend. Bathrooms on Friday as well.  I live in Texas and we could dust every hour on the hour but I think I will choose to do it another day -- maybe Wednesday.

6.  Grocery shopping -- I believe I will grocery shop for the week on Monday.  I remember my mother liking to go on Monday because they were stocking fresh for the week or on Friday but I think I will try Monday on to see if it works ok for me.

Ok, so that is my new plan.  Now I have to figure out a way to be accountable without boring everybody with a post about whether I clean the bathroom or not.  Maybe a side bar.  I have purchased a new planner that will be here soon and I will probably just keep track of things there and report in here each Saturday.

Anyway, I have begun and actually, the two most important things to me have been accomplished already today so I would say I have done ok and off to a good start.  Hopefully I can keep it up!

By the way -- I had a lovely simple dinner last night and my husband actually liked it.  I grilled two little New York strip steaks on my new cast iron grill plan, made a salad and roasted some new potatoes.  It was good and didn't take long at all to do so that was a win as well.  Tonight I am off to the Girl Scout sleep over and he is on his own.  Hahah! He will be eating out I am sure.