Monday, April 11, 2016

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

often go awry.  Yes, indeed.  As I sat here this morning preparing to enjoy my tea with a bit of scripture reading as I outlined in my daily plan -- the phone rang.  I knew it wasn't my daughter as I had just spoken to her so...

It was an RA from my mother in law's assisted living place.  "Has something happened?" I asked.  "Yes", the lady replied, "Mrs. B fell this morning, hit her head, we called 911 and she has been transported to the hospital".  We were there almost as quickly as she was. 

That was at 8 a.m

She was quickly assessed and it was determined she sustained no injury and didn't need to be in a hospital but she needed to be someplace so the caseworker was called in and plans were made to sign her into an aggressive rehabilitation hospital.  We left to gather her things and within two hours she had been moved.

Hubs went to deliver her belongings, I went to pick up Bean.  We met up for dinner and then went back to the Rehab to take more things and check on the MIL.

She will be there for 14 days and then reassessed. 

I am tired and no, my  today didn't exactly go as planned.  I did get my scripture reading done in the car waiting for Bean but I haven't gotten my exercise done and there was no thought to laundry.  Guess I will begin again tomorrow.