Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Self Discovery

Well, well, well -- who knew that at my advanced age there would be anything left to discover about myself.  Who knew that I would be feeling challenged and energized in this time when most people are slowing down.  Who knew I would be --

A girl scout again.

Yes, I am now officially a Girl Scout co-leader.  I will be helping Bean's troop out until one of the mothers comes forward to take on the job.

How do I feel about this?  Great! I may be there a few weeks or the whole year but whatever my role is I feel good about it.  I like being around these youngsters -- they are all so smart and clever and eager.  I have had the pleasure of being included in some of the activities this year and it is fun.  I am proud of these girls and they have done so well and it will be a pleasure and privilege to see them mature and grow this next year.

Plus, I like crafting.  Camping -- well, we will talk about that later.

So, now I get to buy a shirt! Yay! I was looking for my old Girl Scout pins and my mothers pin (she was our Brownie leader) but all have gone missing.  I suspect they are pinned to my Brownie uniform which is buried deep in a trunk and will probably remain there because it is just too much of a hassle to get to the trunk.  So, a shirt and a pin.  I am excited.

Yeah, a Girl Scout -- I guess scouting is for life, isn't it?