Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I Am So Confused .... But It Will Be OK

You know how sometimes there is a holiday or a vacation day or something that throws your routine out of kilter and things don't feel quite right?  That is where I am today.

For all intents and purposes yesterday, for me, was Sunday.  It wasn't, it was Monday, but all day long I felt like it was Sunday.  So, needless to say I got up this morning thinking it was Monday....I really have to get this resolved or I am going to end up losing half a weekend and that can't happen.

However, as summer is drawing to an end -- yes, I know, doesn't seem possible, does it -- I am looking forward to things getting back to normal (whatever that is).  My traveling children and grandchildren have all returned from their journeys.  My calendar is filling up with appointments to be made, syncing with my daughter's work schedule and juggling babysitting schedules.  Officially school starts for my daughter and granddaughter August 14 and my daughter will actually be at work a week earlier for professional development which then puts us back in babysitting mode.  All of this is too early.  It is too hot for these back to school shenanigans -- when I was a kid, we went back to school the first Monday after Labor Day and, in my opinion, that was still too early.

I think my children had lovely times on their vacations.  My son and his family went up the Eastern seaboard to visit such places as Maryland, Boston, Cape Cod, and NYC.  I haven't heard much about it but I am sure it was lovely.  At least it was cooler!

My daughter and her family went back to her husbands home in Tadley, England to visit family.  They went to Center Parcs -- a resort type area not unlike Great Wolf Lodge or The Gaylord.  They went to the seaside, to Highclere, Corfe and to Basildon.  The photos were lovely and the weather was a good deal better than here.

We went home to San Antonio for a week and took care of some business and did some sightseeing and some shopping and way too  much eating.  Usually when I go "home" I either get homesick and don't want to leave or I hate it and do want to leave.  This time was different -- I enjoyed it.  I think this change of attitude was primarily due to the fact that we spent more time there this go around -- we weren't rushing and were taking our time.  It was actually quite good.  And I have to say I do miss the gulf breezes.  We don't have those here in the oven known as North Texas.

So, I am thankful that everybody had fun, did what they wanted to do and did it all safely.  I am looking forward to seeing photos and hearing stories and am getting a little anxious for the first nip of autumn in the air -- but I have quite a wait for that.

In the meantime ----


Frugally challenged said...

School has only just finished here. Six weeks holiday to go!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Oh my goodness! Our little munchkins are having to go back in this blistering heat and I think they could really go back to the old ways -- we survived!