Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This and That

Good morning!  I went to bed late last night and slept in a bit this morning but I woke up as the sun peeked through the shutter-- a pleasant sight from the cold, gray days we have been having.  I got used to summer quickly and then poof! it was gone.  Now it is back and I am happy.

So far this morning I have had a bowl of cereal and cleaned out the refrigerator since the trash men come today.  I will be tackling the freezer and the pantry later.  I declared today to be the pantry cleaning day.  The pantry has become the storage place for a lot of things other than food -- mostly small appliances.

 I had three crock pots -- two of my own and one of my mother-in-law's.  I gave one of mine to my daughter-in-law and then put my mother-in-law's back out in the garage with the rest of her stuff we are storing.  I will keep the one I have because you can put the liner on the stove and brown things in it before you set it to slow cook.  I don't know why I bother though because my husband doesn't like food cooked in a slow cooker.  C'est la vie!

I have a rather old bread maker which I don't really use anymore.  I don't like the shape of the loaf.  So, when we moved my MIL and I brought some of her stuff home I tried her bread maker.  Better shaped loaf but I didn't like the bread it made.  So, out to the garage it went.  I find I prefer using my stand mixer and just making regular bread.  My stand mixer kneads it for me and that is good enough.  The bread recipe I use is great so it turns out wonderful.  I really should make bread more often. And butter.  Sounds like a diet destruction looking for a place to happen.

So, anyway, today I plan to reclaim the pantry for food.  Then I have to grocery shop.

I really don't like Walmart.  Yesterday evening, around 6 p.m., my husband and I went into the one across the street to buy some hair clippers for him.  We checked out and as I was putting things away in my purse I was aware of a man VERY close to me.  It was like he was shuffling around me, first on one side, then the other, then behind me -- it was like I couldn't get away from him.  My husband was walking ahead of me and I asked him to stop for a minute and I just stopped walking.  The guy almost ran into me and I stepped on him.  I turned around and gave him "the" look and he just took off.  I am sure I was about to get purse snatched or picked, one of the two.  I carry a big tote and it has a zipper.  I was putting my receipt away and then zipped the purse up.  It was on my elbow and not my shoulder.  I think he was trying some "fancy footwork" on me to confuse me.  He just made me angry.  That tote is so heavy, I could have hit him with it and done some real bodily harm.  The only harm done was that I got angry, he got his feet stepped on and it just reinforced my dislike of Walmart.

I felt terrible yesterday -- I thought I was coming down with the flu in spite of getting the shot.  Seems it was just my allergies rearing their ugly head again.  So, after some aspirin and mucinex and a little nap I felt better and improved as the evening went on.  I still wasn't in the best of mood when I encountered the guy at Walmart but I didn't feel sick so that was good.  This morning, yep, I see the allergies are still there but I have energy and I think it will get better as the day goes on.

Still working on the cross stitch and have a couple of sewing projects I would like to work on after I finish cleaning out the freezer.  I am determined to get my "stuff" under control here and get my spaces better to work in. 

So, yes, that is what today holds.  I will let you know how the pantry redeaux goes.