Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Thinking, thinking, thinking......And A New Novel

My title makes it sound as if I am writing a new novel!  Oh, heavens no! One of my goals in life WAS to write but somehow that never happened so now I read.  And this is what I am reading now.  A change from my last read and this one starts out in The City, in the winter, during the first snow of the season.  A picturesque walk up apartment -- think "You've Got Mail" only smaller.  The perfect setting for this incredibly hot, Texas day.  I am only on chapter two so I don't know much yet except there is a woman, a boy child and no husband so I see romance in the future.  Maybe.  I will let you know.

Now, thinking.  I am thinking about something so out of character for me.  I am thinking about doing something that is going to test every part of my very being.  I am thinking about sewing a blouse.  I don't like to sew.  I gave up garment sewing eons ago and now I only sew quilts and I am learning to hate that as well.  But......

I have been looking at clothes.  I like the looks of things like JJill, Chico, and Coldwater Creek.  I don't like the price tags however.  So, I am thinking.

What crept into my mind during my nap and woke me up is a t-shirt type top made from woven (non-stretchy) fabric.  There are some lovely examples on pinterest.  They are modeled by some tall, willowy, nymph-like creatures about age 12.  I am not any of those things.

Surely I am setting my self up for a huge disappointment, waste of time and money and a slap to my self esteem.

There are some gorgeous examples of this very top in silk, challis, solids, prints.  So easy, so elegant, so.......

I don't know.  Maybe I will give it a go.  I am sure if it doesn't go will you will hear about it.