Monday, February 05, 2018

The Good News Is --

The good news is that I found my camera charger and case!  I thought it was gone forever in the move but the truth of it is, they never GOT moved so I found them at the other house.  WhooHoo!

So, in celebration I decided to take a couple of snaps of certain things in our new abode.  It was difficult to get pics of hardly anything because of the boxes still stacked about but I managed to get a couple.

The dining table spoken of in an earlier blog

Fireplace and just ignore the Christmas ornament hanging from the ceiling fan -- NOT MY DOING!

Entryway -- sorry about the moving boxes -- just ignore those as well

So, there is a brief glimpse at our new digs.  I am being steady and slow getting things unpacked but steady and slow wins the race -- right?

Blogger -- There's a Problem

Ok, not a problem with blogger -- just a problem with THE blogger.

I have been getting comments that I didn't understand because they are in a different language with a different alphabet.  I decided I needed to moderate my comments so I did the little clicky thing to do just that.

Then I forgot I did it.

Then, this morning, I decided there was something wrong because I had no comments and that is not the usual.   So, I took a closer look and what do you know.  There is a label "comments awaiting moderation" or something like that.

Clicked on it and there are my comments! 

So, I have published them and will be responding and apologize profusely.

I may be awhile as I have to care for a Bean with an earache today.  But, I am really looking forward to reading them.

I was so lonely and felt so abandoned.  Now I just feel rather dumb.

It's all good!