Saturday, February 24, 2018

This and That

It is yet another rainy day here in the Fort.  The yard at Brinkley Cottage is beginning to resemble a swamp.  The weathermen keep saying "we need the rain".  I beg to differ.  It is supposed to be gone later today.

So, since neither one of us feel like slopping around to go shopping (maybe later when it dries up a bit) we are really just messing around the house.

I am very proud of myself.  In spite of my gimpy knees, I have started walking -- or gliding -- on my Tony Little Gazelle.  I have to say, though, that it is the most boring thing on earth to do.  I have a television close by but my husband's music room is right next door and he plays lots of music which is good but doesn't alleviate the boredom and I can't watch the television with the music going.

So, the next best thing is to read.  So, upstairs I trot this morning to "walk" with Kindle in hand.  Well, the Kindle won't set on the machine so I asked my husband to solve the problem.  I was thinking of a way to tie the thing on, or a little pouch or something.  My husband is a flipping genius.  Here was his solution:

He had some blue tack sitting right there so he chunked a piece of it on the machine and voila! it held my Kindle just fine.  Brilliant.

So, I figured while I was up there I would take a few photos of my sewing area.  One of the reasons we moved here was so that I could have a sewing area and here it is:

If I ever give up sewing this would make a great reading nook
Just ignore those boxes on the shelves and the fact that I haven't hung pictures yet.  That may be what I do today.  Unpack boxes and hang pictures.

I have done a little decorating in the upstairs powder room however and here it is:

I have to hang the cross stitch yet but I thought it picked up the colors in the towels and the vase quite well.  I will take another photo when I get it hung.  I loved doing those cat cross stitch patterns.  I can't remember what they are called -- Kats by Kelly or something like that.  Great fun.

And last of all is a shot of our stairway.  It is steep and evil but it is giving me lots of exercise.  I think it might actually be helping my knees.

At the top, under that light, I am going to hang my "travel" cross stitch projects.  I have the one of the Old North Church and one of the Alamo.  I am working on the Alamo chart now and you can see it in the photo above of my sewing space.  We are going on a quick little getaway later in the spring and I have decided that my souvenirs will be books on the areas we visit and small cross stitch charts of something historic in the area.

I haven't been buying books lately.  I have been borrowing them from the library through Overdrive for my Kindle.  However, one title that is in my queue wasn't available on an e-book format so I am waiting for it to be shipped to the library close to my house.  So, in the meantime, I am reading yet another Cedar Cove installment that I downloaded on Overdrive.  BUT -- my husband wanted to go  to Half  Price Books and I picked up these two titles --

I have been wanting to read "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper" for a while but it hasn't been available in an e-book so when I saw it I just though I would read a real physical book.  "The Girl from the Savoy" is by the same author as the book I am waiting for from the library -- "A Memory of Violets".  I started reading it a bit in the shop and it looks good so I am going to give it a go.

Now I am going to go direct the hubs to hang some pictures.  Yay!