Monday, December 03, 2018

Monday, December 3

The weather is turning colder this week.  It is beginning to feel more winter-like.  The weather reporter even said something that sounded vaguely like "snow" but doubtful for us.

We had our first Advent Sunday supper last night and all was well.  Bean read the scripture and I was so proud of her, she only hesitated on two words.  She wasn't a fan of the candle though, for the first time she seemed leery of the fire.  I tried to find LED candles but somehow that doesn't seem right and all the reviews on the ones on the internet were not good.

We opened the advent calendar that Mary sent and enjoyed that and she opened the little advent calendar with drawers filled with candy.

It was a good evening except for one thing.

I got word yesterday afternoon that my younger cousin passed away the night before.  It wasn't unexpected and considering her plight, it was probably a blessing but it was still hard to get my head around it.  I hadn't seen her or spoken to her in years -- we drifted apart as so often happens after kids grow up and move on with their lives.  However, I still feel a loss.

Penny, me and Diana

RIP Penny Gail -- you will be missed.