Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Cardmaking -- Again

Here are my latest attempts at cards -- I love doing this, it is such fun, and I don't even plan on mailing them!

Cutting and pasting and watercoloring is fantastic therapy!


Frugally challenged said...

I like the third and fourth ones best - the design is clear and uncluttered with good contrast colours and a cleat focal point. (That tells you more about my own card making style than yours!) But all four are good - you are definitely getting better!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Thank you! The first ones I was following "somebody's" vision as it was for her mother. By the time I got to the one with the car she didn't care anymore -- sad because it was for her father but very little of her input. The bear was just me playing with watercolors. I hate watercolor as a child because I just couldn't make it work but now, in my dotage, I am finding it quite fascinating. Plus, I put the ribbon through the xyron sticker maker and that was just too much fun for this old heart! Today I am going to teach myself how to make little bows using a fork. Youtube is a dangerous thing!