Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Did You Miss Me?

Last week was spring break here in most of Texas.  My daughter decided to do a repeat performance of last  year and take her daughter on a Girl Scout patch/badge seeking adventure across Texas.  Texas has lots of history so there were quite a few opportunities to learn the history and to earn more bling for the GS vest.

We decided to tag along and were also joined by our son and his family.  That is the first time for this sort of adventure with all of us together.

We were gone for eight days and visited a number of places in several cities.  I will share this trip across several posts.

We left last Saturday morning and headed South to Austin where we toured the Capitol building.  I had never seen the Capitol and I still didn't see it because the walk to the building from the parking garage sent my knees into despair so I sat out the whole thing.  There were benches in the rotunda though so I had a nice view of things and a comfortable place to hang out.

After the Capitol we toured the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum located close to the Capitol.

Thanks to my daughter for sharing her photos with me.  I charged my camera overnight but apparently my battery was "exhausted".  I have ordered a new battery.

Tamara's Child by B.K. Mayo

I recently completed "Tamara's Child" by B.K. Mayo.  It is an award winning YA novel.

I enjoyed this book a great deal -- it was intense, engaging, a bit frightening and rather sad.  For me, it was a page turner.

"Tamara's Child" is an apt title -- it is the story of Tamara, a troubled teen running from a bad situation into a worse situation which I am sure is not uncommon.  She is pregnant with no place to go until she lands at her step-brother's house.  Her stay there was no walk in the park.  She finds herself in a twisted plot situation and in trouble with the law. 

Events advance, time passes, and the book ends with Tamara as a middle aged adult coming to terms with her past.

I don't want to divulge too much information because this is truly worth the read.  I enjoyed it although it ticked all of my emotions but then, that is probably why I enjoyed it.

I recommend this book without reservation.