Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot! Books that are "summery".

Well, for me this is a no brainer. I would have to say that the book that I have read that reminds me most of summer is "Gidget ". I read it during the summer -- I remember laying on my bed with the blue floral bedspread, with the windows wide open in the sweltering Texas heat because we had no a/c reading "Gidget". Of course, the subject matter was "summery" because they were on the beach in California!

I have to say that while I did read during the summer, I did the majority of my reading during the school year and even now identify reading with curling up on a cold day and getting lost in whatever I am reading.
Shopping Day!

It has been a while since I shopped for anything other than books and magazines. So, today, in a weak moment, I decided to indulge myself.

In a quest to try to provide treats for my diabetic husband, I am always looking for something that will not do him too much harm. I always try to buy "sugar free" which usually falls flat -- his take on it is "buy regular and I will just eat less" which usually falls flat as well. So, after tasting some really pretty wretched all natural, hand-made, hand-packed pricy ice cream and finding it to be entirely too sweet for his eating plan I decided to make my own. So, this morning I headed to my local Williams Sonoma and bought this --

I haven't gotten it out of the box yet -- I hope there are some recipes in it -- and I have to find room in the freezer to freeze the thing but I feel like I will have much more control over the amount of whatever I decide to put in it.

Then, I just couldn't stop there -- I had to have this from Target --I had been looking for a chicken fryer for sometime and, even though there is a brand new Ace Mart right down the road from me, I decided on this on. I don't fry food very often but when I do I am always saying I need a deeper pan because I really don't like getting popped with grease. Plus, it is big and I can cook all the shrimp for my hubby and me and one time instead of smaller batches. And----it has a lid -- I always need lids. So, now I have to find a place for it as well. Sounds like a reorganization of the kitchen is in my future.

Anyway, that was my morning. All that and groceries bought before 11:30! What can I say -- I don't shop unless I know what I am going for, go straight there and get it -- no messing around. Well, except for the books but that is a whole different blog!