Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bean's Quilt

While Bean is busy growing and practicing gymnastics and practicing her "Gig Em" sign, Nona is busy creating a baby quilt. Mommy and Nona went to the fabric store, The Quilter's Stash, in North Richland Hills a few weeks ago and spent two hours auditioning fabrics for this little quilt. We came home with twenty two different fabrics and a package of Quilter's Dream batting -- the most wonderful batting on the market, IMHO.

Bean's mommy has a wonderful plan for her room, I guess I would call the style "Americana Cozy" and that is all I am going to say about it. She chose a wide variety of fabrics from her inspiration wall decor and each, in it's own way, evokes memories for me as a lot of it comes from vintage or reproduction lines. The style of the quilt is very simple -- 4.5 inch squares, randomly set. The colors are wonderful and have a way of setting off each other. I arranged them in a truly random way, only making sure that I didn't put two identical squares next to one another.

I had been thinking about doing some Welsh quilting on this -- a technique I would like to explore -- but Bean's mommy wants it to be a soft, cuddly quilt and the extensive quilting found on Welsh quilts might make it a bit more stiff so it will be simple quilting. I am not sure how I am going to quilt it yet but I think, whatever I do, I will do by hand. Quilting by hand creates a softer drape and besides, I haven't done anything by hand in a long time and I have been wanting to do something so this project, not being too big, seems the perfect thing.

I had thought about finishing the edges with prairie points but, in a way, it seems too stark for a baby quilt so I will probably just choose one of the fabrics and do a simple binding -- maybe with the lovely rose fabric with the meandering flowers. I want this quilt to be used and soft and washed and dragged around -- a proper working quilt -- not something just folded and put away because Nona made it.

I will be backing it with muslin for two reasons. Muslin comes in very wide widths and I really don't like seams on the back of my quilts. Plus, muslin washes up very nicely and just gets softer with age and it needles well. So, that, coupled with my Quilters Dream batting will make a lovely little wrap for Bean!

Tomorrow will be the starting point. I hope to have it basted and in the hoop so I can sit back and be in hand quilting heaven -- the most relaxing hobby I can think of other than napping. I will post photos of the finished product when it is, in fact, the finished product.

Simple Woman's Daybook, March 23, 2010

Outside my window I see a cloudy sky with the sun trying to peek through -- it looks like it is going to make it.

I am thinking that I really haven't accomplished much today and I am wondering if that really matters.

I am thankful for the warmer weather.

From the learning rooms I am learning about traditional Welsh quilting.

From the kitchen absolutely nothing is going to come today -- it is my kitchen day off -- randomly chosen.

I am wearing black slacks and a striped shirt.

I am creating a baby quilt for Bean.

I am going to have to decide what my "quilt as desired" desire is.

I am reading "Bramwell Valley" -- silly, silly book.

I am hoping to get a better nights sleep tonight.

I am hearing Ellen Degeneres in the background.

Around the house I am systematically decluttering -- I have been watching "Hoarders" -- scary stuff.

One of my favorite things is my cat -- so demanding, forces me to think about something other than myself.

A few plans for the rest of the week is to finish the baby quilt.

Here is a picture thought to share with you: