Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fill-ins #186

1.  I feel a bit helpless right now.

2.  I will never ever be able to catch up.  Frankly, I don't know if I want to because then what would I do?  It would be like reaching the end of the internet.

3.  Do not mess with Texas! Remember that catchphrase?

4.  I would like to create quilts that are completely unique.

5.  It is hard to know how much  is too much -- of almost anything.

6.  I don't think I know what to do with this on.  Follows suit -- hmmm...

7.  As as for my weekend, tonight I am looking forward to watching "Friday Night Lights" and watching hubby tear up the computer, tomorrow my plans include who knows what and Sunday I want to go to church and see our new little Bean.

On June 28 my daughter had her first child -- a girl.  The child looks so much like my daughter did as a newborn that we have joked that she  cloned herself.  However, it was such a strange feeling when I watched her rock this new life who looks like her -- it looked like she was rocking herself!  It was like a picture in a picture -- it was very strange.

I used to love Blogspot.  It was reasonably user friendly, it was simple, it was cozy.  I don't blog all that often but I really like it and would like to do it more often.  However, visiting my blog last week to post about my new granddaughter, I found that I couldn't post -- the new post window would never open.  Now I have to  publish a blank window, hit edit and then go in and actually write the post.  This can't be right -- whoever is in charge needs to fix it.  I have been searching all over for other blog sites but I haven't found anything I like as well.  I have a wordpress blog, a livejournal blog, a multiply blog, a typepad free blog, and I have been on weebly.  I prefer blogspot so I would like for somebody to fix it -- it is broken and needs it!