Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Larry the Lion

For those of you who witnessed, in a previous post, the creation of Larry the Lion, you might be wondering what became of the Weeble-like fleece thing.  Well, he hung out in my sewing room for a few days, just chillin' and getting used to life and  then came moving day! He was off to his new home!

Nobody said anything about being wrapped up!

Help! I can't breathe! Oh wait, yes I can!
So, after being wrapped lightly in tissue paper -- you can see the dubious look on his face in the first photo -- he was put into a secure gift bag --- big and roomy -- for his trip to his new home.  He got to ride in the car seat cradle in the back seat with Granny. 

Larry didn't realize that he was going to a party although he sort of got the idea as he listened to all the talking and laughing as he sat patiently waiting to be let out of his bag. 

The moment finally came and this is what he saw when he was introduced to his new home! And his new person!

This is funny!
Now for a big, Beanie kiss -- she loves him!

Larry is quite content in his new digs -- you can find him all over the house -- and he doesn't seem to mind being dragged about by his mane -- he is a happy little lion!


Jane and Chris said...

Aaah true love!
What a gorgeous photo of the first meeting.
Jane x

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is just so cute.....by the way a magazine junkie here also!!

Gill in Canada

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Jane and Gill -- thanks! A friend of mine made the same lion for her daughter's baby shower and Beanie saw it and loved it. So, it was a mad dash to try to find one for her birthday -- thanks to the internet mission accomplished! It was really fun to make and it is so soft and she just rolls around with it!

Gill -- I think my magazine "problem" is really a sickness -- I just love magazines. A couple of months ago I went mad throwing away all my cross stitch mags and now I have "tossers remorse" and swear I will never do it again! Ever!