Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Our Kind" by Kate Walbert

My first book in the RYOB Challenge is "Our Kind" by Kate Walbert. This is a collection of short stories, "memoirs" if you will, about a group of women who have been friends for years. They lives are chronicalled for about the past 40 years through the events that have befallen them, both good and bad. It is a short book and very well written. The images created brought back fond memories of my growing up during these same years. However, I found it to be depressing. I think it was just the wrong book at the wrong time for me. I would recommend reading a few of the pages prior to committing to this book but don't let my opinion stop you -- just not right for me at this time.

Monday, January 05, 2009

RYOB Challenge -2009

Today I stumbled upon a reading challenge that is very suited to me. I am already involved in the TBR challenge which is similar but, since I have two blogs I thought two blogs would be acceptable -- more than that is overwhelming to me. So, I signed up for the RYOB challenge and, since overlaps are acceptable, my first book will be "Our Kind" by Kate Walbert. I figure if I post on TWO blogs that I will be reading it, maybe I will feel compelled to finish it -- we will see. My goal will be 12 books for the year. I know, that sounds like a meager amount and hopefully I will do better but, realistically, I would rather keep the number low and add to it as I go. It could go much higher as I seem to get roped into reading children's books a lot as I am buying and collecting for my grandkids and like to see what it out there for them.

At any rate, since I have been neglecting my blogspot blog for a while and don't really want to abandon it, I think I will use it for the RYOB Challenge. If you want to know what I am reading and what I think about it, you will want to check here. The TBR challenge will be on my other blog:

Happy reading!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The TBR Challenge Lite is my one and only reading challenge of 2009. I chose option C because it seemed the most doable for me. I have a rather large stack of unread books that I would love to get through and I hope this challenge will help me with that. The first book on my list is "Our Kind" by Kate Walbert. Since I had to list three books I included "The Night Watch" by Sarah Waters, "Looking for Peyton Place" by Barbara Delinsky and the Beverly Lewis Trilogy "The Shunning", "The Confession", and "The Reckoning".

I chose this challenge because it gave me the most freedom to read what I want and since I like a vast variety of material, I felt most comfortable in this challenge.

So, Happy Reading all you fellow TBRers!