Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 September 2011

The question is "have you ever finished a book and loved it so much you went right back and started re-reading it again?"

My answer would have to be yes and no -- I have read books that I loved that much.  The Mitford Series books as well as the Fr. Tim books and the Woman of Substance Trilogy were a few but, I didn't go back and re-read them because there was always the next book waiting for me.  With that said, however, I do have a few that I am going to take a look at re-reading this winter because they are just comfortable books to read!
15 September 2011

I don't know that I have run across any new thrifty tips of my own this week except to say that I am shopping for a toaster oven and I have been looking at my crock-pot cookbooks.  I used the dishwasher a couple of times and it broke my momentum and now I have to get on track again -- my hands looked better when I hand washing the dishes -- go figure.

The one thing I did do may not qualify but here goes.  I used to get my hair done every week (isn't that what ladies of a "certain" age do?) and I started cutting back on that a year or so ago.  Then I decided to go longer between hair cuts -- not an especially good idea but an idea made worse when I decided to go back to cutting my own hair, something I did all the time, for years, when I was younger.  A little teasing and a lot of hairspray covered up many ills back in the day.  Well, I could no longer handle the situation -- for some reason my difficult, thin, dry, gray hair decided to grow -- a lot -- and long.  So, off to my stylist I went -- the same girl I have gone to for almost a decade and told her to do something different.  Brave, you say?  Well, as I am getting older and with the recent growth spurt, my attitude is -- it's only hair! So, we went through magazines, something we have never done together, and only one thing caught my eye and that is what we went with.  Next time, we will go shorter.

While I have worn my hair short for the entirety of my adult life, this is shorter.  My hair would never curl well until it was quite long and then it would curl with no abandon -- not a good thing in the 60's when girls wanted long, straight hair -- and now, with all the gray, it isn't curling at all so to keep a short, shaggy look, I had to really work at it.  Well, no more.  It is short, caters to the "straightness" and gives in to the unruly grays.  Do I like it?  Not sure -- hanging a bit long in my eyes but we will see.  Will I keep it short and straight?  Probably because at my age, I really just don't care anymore.  My time is more important to me than fretting over my hair.  Are people going to look at me strangely?  Probably, especially The Girl.

So, how does this work into my thrifty plan?  Well, after forking over the $45 (tip included) for this new do, I figure it takes no time to dry which saves on electricity and it requires much less product so I figure money saved there.  She flat ironed it -- not an attractive look on somebody with a fat roundish face so that will save money not having to run an extra appliance and I didn't use a curling iron or anything else -- just going straight.  Maybe it isn't a huge savings but it  is some and isn't that what counts.  Plus, my time.  My time is more valuable than anything else.  Plus, in the winter, I can throw a scarf over my head and not figure I am wrecking "the do".  After this horrific summer, I have no idea what the winter will be like, either -- it could be shorts weather throughout or we might be preparing for blizzards -- in either case,  my hair will work. 

No, dear blog readers, I won't be posting photos.  Just imagine Jamie Lee Curtis hair (a little longer) on Roseanne Barr and there you go! Ok, not going to win any beauty contests but I am still a fun girl and that is all I need to be!

Off to the dentist which may leave me without any hair at all! Have a wonderful day!
14 September 2011

I like to participate in WWW Wednesdays hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading but I am a little late this week.  However, better late than never I suppose so here I go.

The rules for participation are to answer three questions -- what are you currently reading, what did you recently finish and what do you think you will read next.

I am currently reading "Duane's Depressed" by Larry Mc Murtry.  I love Larry McMurtry and want to visit his book store really, really badly.


I just finished "An Amish Christmas" by Cynthia Kelly.  I really enjoy Amish fiction and I don't  know why -- I am not Amish and I am not sure the representation of the group is completely accurate but I still like the calmness and simple way of life that is portrayed -- a true escape for me.

As far as what I am going to read next -- well, I don't know -- I need to shop my own bookshelves first but if I don't have something there hit me, I may try to find a copy of "A Plain and Fancy Christmas" by Cynthia Kelley (I think all the hot weather has made me wish for an early Christmas!) but more than likely I will read the third in the Aunt Dimity series -- "Aunt Dimity's Good Deed".